Impact, Attitude and Simplicity with Simon Tyler

Steve Rush: I am, joined today by Simon Tyler. Simon Tyler is one of the most experienced coaches in the world. He’s author of five books and he is now prolific writer and blogger, is the author of the Impact Book, Keep It Simple Book, Impact Code, The Simple Way and the Attitude Book. Simon, welcomeContinue reading “Impact, Attitude and Simplicity with Simon Tyler”

Talking Leadership with Michelle Boxx

Steve Rush: Today’s guest is Michelle Boxx, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Boxxbury Marketing, where she trains entrepreneurs on marketing and business development. She is a columnist and a speaker. It is the blonde fixer herself, its Michelle Boxx. Welcome to the show Michelle. Michelle Boxx: Thank you for having me. Steve Rush: So your journeyContinue reading “Talking Leadership with Michelle Boxx”

Delivering Delight with Avi Liran

Steve Rush: Today I am joined on the show by a Chief Delighting Officer. What does a chief delighting officer mean? I hear you say. Well, I am delighted to say that on the show today, we have one of the world’s best designers and creators of leadership development programs. He is a TEDx speaker. HeContinue reading “Delivering Delight with Avi Liran”

The Power of Professional Closeness with Govert Van Sandwijk

Steve Rush: I am joined today. By best-selling author of The Power of Professional Closeness. Founding Partner of Time To Go Global. Who has had assignments, in over 50 countries already. So truly is an international leadership development coach, Govert Van Sandwijk. Welcome to the show Govert. Govert Van Sandwijk: Nice to be here, Steve. It isContinue reading “The Power of Professional Closeness with Govert Van Sandwijk”

Do your CARE to lead? with Michael G Rogers

Steve Rush: Our very special guest today is Michael G. Rogers. His first book, “You Are The Team”, sold over 20000 copies and his new book “Do You Care to Lead?” has just been published by Wiley. He is also an avid blogger. Michael, welcome to the show. Michael: Yeah. Thank you, Steve. Glad to be here. SteveContinue reading “Do your CARE to lead? with Michael G Rogers”

Self Leadership with Andrew Bryant

Steve Rush: Today’s guest is bestselling author of two books on self-leadership. He is a TED speaker and an international coach on self-leadership, Andrew Bryant. Andrew, welcome to the show. Andrew Bryant: Thank you. Nice to be here. Steve Rush: So folks might know you as the author of Self-Leadership, but they may not know much about theContinue reading “Self Leadership with Andrew Bryant”

Let the doers be the deciders with David Marquet

Steve Rush: David, welcome to the show.  David Marquet: Thank you, Steve, for having me on your show.  Steve Rush: It is absolutely my pleasure. I have been a fan of your work for some time, so I appreciate you taking some time out in your busy schedule to be with us, too. So, David, I know thatContinue reading “Let the doers be the deciders with David Marquet”

Hack Away with the Leadership Hacker

Steve: Some call me Steve, Dad, husband, or friend. Others might call me boss, coach or mentor. Today you can call me The Leadership Hacker. Thanks for listening in. I really appreciate it. My job as the leadership hacker is to hack into the minds, experiences, habits and learning of great leaders, C-Suite executives, authors, andContinue reading “Hack Away with the Leadership Hacker”