Leaders Learn from Leaders with Adrian Simpson

Adrian Simpson is a Co-founder of Wavelength leadership group; for over 20 years he’s really been immersing himself in amongst some of the top firms around the world, including the likes of Apple, Tesla, Netflix, and Google. And we’re going to dive into some of those leadership secrets, but before we do, it’s The LeadershipContinue reading “Leaders Learn from Leaders with Adrian Simpson”

The ABC’s of Diversity with Martine Kalaw

Martine Kalaw is the author of The ABC’s of Diversity, she’s a speaker and DEI consultant helping individuals and organizations overcome unconscious beliefs and implicit bias. Transcript: Thanks to Jermaine Pinto at JRP Transcribing for being our Partner. Contact Jermaine via LinkedIn or via his site JRP Transcribing Services Find out more about Martine below:Continue reading “The ABC’s of Diversity with Martine Kalaw”

“Because I Can” with Timothy Bradshaw

Timothy Bradshaw is former British Army Intelligence Officer and graduate of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. His work as a Covert Human Intelligence Officer and Target Acquisition Patrol Soldier saw him recruit and run foreign agents worldwide and influence the outcome of extremely sensitive and dangerous situations. Recently, he’s been running aid missions to theContinue reading ““Because I Can” with Timothy Bradshaw”

Work Made Fun Gets Done with Dr Bob Nelson

Dr Bob Nelson is author of the multimillion-copy bestseller 1001 Ways to Engage Employees, he’s also is president of Nelson Motivation, Inc. and the world’s leading authority on Employee Recognition and Engagement. He has published 31 books that have sold over 5 million copies that have been translated into over 30 languages. In the humorous and insightfulContinue reading “Work Made Fun Gets Done with Dr Bob Nelson”

Get Energized with Simon Alexander Ong

Simon Alexander Ong is an award-winning life and executive coach, keynote speaker, an author of the book Energize. This show is packed full of leadership hacks, tools and ideas that will get you energized, including: How we can awaken our power. The benefits of rewiring our energetic state. Why we need to manage our energyContinue reading “Get Energized with Simon Alexander Ong”

The Courage to Learn Differently with Matthew Cox

Matthew Cox is the CEO and Founder of the Never Give Up Foundation, he’s a coach,  speaker and Co-author of the book, The Courage to Learn Differently. In this remarkable conversation learn about: How Matt became a successful entrepreneur despite his learning disability How your emotions can be a gift? What is emotional growth andContinue reading “The Courage to Learn Differently with Matthew Cox”

Build Teams with Fun and Play with Matt May

Matt May is Founder and CEO of Premier Team Building and Interactive experiences, he’s also a speak and author of the Book, “Take the Fear out of Team Building.” In this engaging and fun show, you can learn: Why “team building” is not a “bad word.” Why grown-ups have developed fear and anxiety around playContinue reading “Build Teams with Fun and Play with Matt May”

Breaking out of the Matrix with Michael and Audree Sahota

Michael Sahota is a thought leader, author, and speaker in the Agile industry. He’s also the co-founder and CEO of SHIFT314. and he’s joined by Audree Sahota. Chief Metaphysics Officer, and also co-founder of SHIFT314, together they wrote the book Leading Beyond Change. In this amazing show we discover: The story behind SHIFT314 What isContinue reading “Breaking out of the Matrix with Michael and Audree Sahota”

The Productivity Paradigm with Richard Medcalf

Richard Medcalf is Founder and CEO of Xquadrant and an executive coach to some of the world’s most impressive and successful CEOs and their teams. He’s also the host of the Impact Multiplier CEO Podcast. In today’s show you can learn about: The productivity paradigm and the infinity trap, Why we don’t need a productivityContinue reading “The Productivity Paradigm with Richard Medcalf”

Look Inside with Rasha Hasaneen

Rasha Hasaneen is the Vice President of Innovation and Product Excellence for Trane Technologies. A former executive with global businesses, Rasha also leads the Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces as Executive Director. In this show learn about: Why, when the world is diving into ESG and Climate measures we are not normally drawn to consider inside spaces,Continue reading “Look Inside with Rasha Hasaneen”