Belief Systems That Distinguish Leaders with Ian Mills and Mark Ridley

Ian Mills and Mark Ridley are leadership development experts. They run the international development consultancy firm Transform Performance International and have co-authored several books. Most latterly, The Leaders Secret Code. In this episode learn about: How Ian and Mark lead in a VUCA world What can make leaders iconic Understand destination beliefs and unlock leadershipContinue reading “Belief Systems That Distinguish Leaders with Ian Mills and Mark Ridley”

The Innovative Leader with Dr Simone Ahuja

How to Grow Internal Innovation Even During a Crisis The Leadership Hacker News Steve Rush: The global pandemic has turned many of us into home teachers, filmmakers, entertainers and inventors. Making use of what we have and being innovative with our time and our resources. The times we now live in has never been more relevantContinue reading “The Innovative Leader with Dr Simone Ahuja”

8 Steps to High Performance with Marc Effron

Marc Effron is the author of the Harvard Business Review Publishing books One Page Talent Management and 8 Steps to High Performance. Marc helps the world’s biggest brands and most successful companies elevate the quality and impact of their talent and has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Influencers in HR globally. You can learn soContinue reading “8 Steps to High Performance with Marc Effron”

Turn Your Thoughts Into Tools with Byron Low

Byron Low is known as the, “technical guy who has the ability to connect”. While he is an introvert and process oriented, he thrives on solving problems with his clients. His entire career has been dedicated to improving the lives of others, now you can listen to Byron and during this episode you can learn:Continue reading “Turn Your Thoughts Into Tools with Byron Low”

Hacking Your Leadership Health with Angela Foster

Steve Rush: I am joined on today’s show by nutritionist, health and performance coach who works with athletes, entrepreneurs and CEOs of global organizations. She is also the CEO of My DNA EDGE; we are joined today by Angela Foster. Angela, welcome to the show. Angela Foster: Thank you. Thank you so much for having me hereContinue reading “Hacking Your Leadership Health with Angela Foster”

Reader – Learner -Leader with John Spence

Steve Rush: Today’s guest is recognized as one of the top business consultants and leaders in the world. He was named by American Management Association, one of America’s top 50 leaders to watch in that list alongside Larry Page of Google and Jeff Bezos of Amazon to name but a few. He has gone on toContinue reading “Reader – Learner -Leader with John Spence”

Impact, Attitude and Simplicity with Simon Tyler

Steve Rush: I am, joined today by Simon Tyler. Simon Tyler is one of the most experienced coaches in the world. He’s author of five books and he is now prolific writer and blogger, is the author of the Impact Book, Keep It Simple Book, Impact Code, The Simple Way and the Attitude Book. Simon, welcomeContinue reading “Impact, Attitude and Simplicity with Simon Tyler”

Talking Leadership with Michelle Boxx

Steve Rush: Today’s guest is Michelle Boxx, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Boxxbury Marketing, where she trains entrepreneurs on marketing and business development. She is a columnist and a speaker. It is the blonde fixer herself, its Michelle Boxx. Welcome to the show Michelle. Michelle Boxx: Thank you for having me. Steve Rush: So your journeyContinue reading “Talking Leadership with Michelle Boxx”

Delivering Delight with Avi Liran

Steve Rush: Today I am joined on the show by a Chief Delighting Officer. What does a chief delighting officer mean? I hear you say. Well, I am delighted to say that on the show today, we have one of the world’s best designers and creators of leadership development programs. He is a TEDx speaker. HeContinue reading “Delivering Delight with Avi Liran”

The Power of Professional Closeness with Govert Van Sandwijk

Steve Rush: I am joined today. By best-selling author of The Power of Professional Closeness. Founding Partner of Time To Go Global. Who has had assignments, in over 50 countries already. So truly is an international leadership development coach, Govert Van Sandwijk. Welcome to the show Govert. Govert Van Sandwijk: Nice to be here, Steve. It isContinue reading “The Power of Professional Closeness with Govert Van Sandwijk”