The Top Trending Shows of 2021

Our Top 4 Shows of 2021. We have had the best year ever! Listeners have flocked to the show with Listen Notes ranking us in the top 1% of all podcasts (not just leadership) on every platform. I bow!

It’s of course attributed the the amazing c-suite executives, CEO’s and Leaders who have shared their stories. As a special thank you, I’m celebrating our top 4 shows by download in 2021 here today.

The most downloaded show of the year was The Power of Story Telling with Andrea Sampson who is a Ted Talks Coach and really helped our listeners construct great stories. Thank you Andrea for the amazing stories. Leadership guru and renowned global expert Jim Kouzes was a fabulous guest and I enjoyed taking all things leadership with Jim. Laura Gallaher, PhD and I talked culture alignment and Laura shared the intimate story of her time as organisational psychologist at NASA having to deal with the after effects of the infamous Challenger Disaster. Martyn Clark and I had a ball in this really intimate and educational journey about how you incorporate “love”. Thanks to all of my amazing guests – not one average show, all amazing and all with 5 star reviews – please listen in to the hundreds of LeadershipHacks Want to tune in to the top 4? You can do that from wherever you get your podcasts and also from the links below! Here’s to an amazing guest line up in 2022!

Andrea Sampson – The Power of Storytelling
Jim Kouzes – Extraordinary Leadership Everyday
Dr Laura Gallaher – Inside Out Leadership
Martyn Clark – Talking, Listening and Laughing

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