Beware False Tigers with Frank Forencich

Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized leader in health and performance education. A Stanford University graduate in human biology and neuroscience, he has over 30 years teaching martial arts and neuro health education. Frank holds black belt in both Karate and Aikido. He’s a multiple author, including the book, Beware False Tigers: Strategies and Antidotes for an Age ofContinue reading “Beware False Tigers with Frank Forencich”

Work Made Fun Gets Done with Dr Bob Nelson

Dr Bob Nelson is author of the multimillion-copy bestseller 1001 Ways to Engage Employees, he’s also is president of Nelson Motivation, Inc. and the world’s leading authority on Employee Recognition and Engagement. He has published 31 books that have sold over 5 million copies that have been translated into over 30 languages. In the humorous and insightfulContinue reading “Work Made Fun Gets Done with Dr Bob Nelson”

Get Energized with Simon Alexander Ong

Simon Alexander Ong is an award-winning life and executive coach, keynote speaker, an author of the book Energize. This show is packed full of leadership hacks, tools and ideas that will get you energized, including: How we can awaken our power. The benefits of rewiring our energetic state. Why we need to manage our energyContinue reading “Get Energized with Simon Alexander Ong”

Coaching The Brain

Joseph O’Connor is the founder of the Neuroscience Coaching Centre, Co-Founder of the ICC, The International Coaching Community. Joseph is one of the worlds most renowned experts on NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming and written dozens of articles, over 20 books and education material on NLP and Coaching. In this show you can learn about: WhatContinue reading “Coaching The Brain”

SUPERBOLD with Fred Joyal

Fred Joyal was founder of of 1-800-DENTIST, which for over 30 years has generated over a billion dollars in revenue. No he’s a keynote speaker, coach and author of the book Superbold: From Under Confident To Charismatic In 90 days. This amazing show uncovers: What boldness really is? The PRIDE method, so you can unlockContinue reading “SUPERBOLD with Fred Joyal”

The Courage to Learn Differently with Matthew Cox

Matthew Cox is the CEO and Founder of the Never Give Up Foundation, he’s a coach,  speaker and Co-author of the book, The Courage to Learn Differently. In this remarkable conversation learn about: How Matt became a successful entrepreneur despite his learning disability How your emotions can be a gift? What is emotional growth andContinue reading “The Courage to Learn Differently with Matthew Cox”

Business Leadership Under Fire with Pepyn Dinandt and Richard Westley OBE MC

Our very special guests are global business guru Pepyn Dinandt and Military Cross holder, ex-army Colonel Richard Westley OBE. They teamed up and wrote the book Business Leadership Under Fire. This is such a compelling show, packed full of hacks and lessons. Transcript: Thanks to Jermaine Pinto at JRP Transcribing for being our Partner. ContactContinue reading “Business Leadership Under Fire with Pepyn Dinandt and Richard Westley OBE MC”

It’s Go Time with Jill McAbe

Jill McAbe is a bestselling author of “It’s Go Time: Build the Business and Life You Really Want.” Jill’s recently been ranked #1 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s inspiring education Entrepreneurs to watch in 2022. We dove into a bunch of topics in this awesome conversation, including: Transcript: Thanks to Jermaine Pinto at JRP Transcribing for beingContinue reading “It’s Go Time with Jill McAbe”

Hacking People Processes

Rhamy Alejeal is the CEO of People Processes, he’s also an author and an HR guru. In this fun and engaging show we talk about: What comes first people or processes? What the HR systems are that business can’t live without? The differentials between human and resources What common changes occurred to people and processesContinue reading “Hacking People Processes”

Thrive or Wither with Gary Frey

Gary Frey has served as president of a number successful companies, including, a business news portal which he helped transform from a three-person organization to a $100 million company which he sold to Microsoft. In this show you can learn about: The most important attributes of successful leaders today The role gratitude plays in leadingContinue reading “Thrive or Wither with Gary Frey”