The Power of Storytelling with Andrea Sampson

Once upon a time… Ever wanted to speak in public as if you were on a TED Talk? Andrea Sampson is former strategist and consultant having spent over 25 years working in marketing and advertising, presenting and developing strategies for fortune 100 companies. Andrea is now a TED speaker coach and the founder and CEO ofContinue reading “The Power of Storytelling with Andrea Sampson”

Voice and Visibility with Raimonda Jankunaite

Raimonda Jankunaite is the founder of the Women in Business Club. She’s a visibility expert, mentor, coach, and international speaker. In today’s show you can learn about: How Raimonda regained her voice after not being able to speak for 2 years How she’s inspiring collaboration and communities working together Having an innovative mind and beingContinue reading “Voice and Visibility with Raimonda Jankunaite”

Talking, Listening and Laughing with Martyn Clark

Martyn Clark is the CEO of Gadfly Consulting and author of the new book, “Love Incorporated.” In this fun and exhilarating conversation you can learn about: How Martyn had to reframe his mind and his life following a debilitating illness. Adversity in his early life became foundations for success in his career. Why laughing helpsContinue reading “Talking, Listening and Laughing with Martyn Clark”

Unstoppable with Amira Alvarez

Amira Alvarez is the founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping entrepreneurs, empire builders, athletes, creatives, and rising stars in all fields achieve their dreams and goals in record time. Learn about what tactical strategies and mindset shifts are required to get out of your own way, live life onContinue reading “Unstoppable with Amira Alvarez”

The Leadership Decision with Dr Catherine Rymsha

Dr. Catherine Rymsha is a leadership development expert and lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She’s a TEDx speaker and also the author of the book, The Leadership Decision. In this show, you can learn about: What the leadership decision is and how you make it How to use the A.P.E. Model to makeContinue reading “The Leadership Decision with Dr Catherine Rymsha”

Give to Receive with Tim Kachuriak

Why despite the increase in Digital – Humans deal with Humans Measuring efficiency vs. impact Why marketing through values and mindset gets results Lead with generosity and by example Transcript:Thanks to Jermaine Pinto at JRP Transcribing for being our Partner. Contact Jermaine via LinkedIn or via his site JRP Transcribing Services The Leadership Hacker News SteveContinue reading “Give to Receive with Tim Kachuriak”

Hacking Financial Intelligence with Henry Daas

Henry Daas is a serial entrepreneur, business and finance coach. He is the author of FQ: Financial Intelligence. Listen in to this interesting conversation about solopreneurship, entrepreneurship and financial coaching. Listen in to the end to find out how to get a month’s Free Coaching. In this show you can learn lots from Henry including:Continue reading “Hacking Financial Intelligence with Henry Daas”

Extraordinary Leadership Everyday with Jim Kouzes

Jim Kouzes is a legend in the leadership world. He co-wrote the Global #1 Best Selling Book, The Leadership Challenge, which has been used as a manual and a guide by millions of leaders all over the world. In this intimate conversation you can learn: How every great leader has grown because of enduring challenge,Continue reading “Extraordinary Leadership Everyday with Jim Kouzes”

We’re only in the Top 1%

I’m constantly humbled by the support our Educational and Inspirational Podcast is getting! We are in the top 1% listened to podcasts globally and this week we are Trending in the top 40! Andrew Selley you’ve helped get us noticed this week! Next weeks guest is the legendary Jim Kouzes, so tune in and findContinue reading “We’re only in the Top 1%”

Ignite Your Leadership with Andrew Selley

Andrew Selley has over 30 years of business experience, more than 20 of them at board level. He is currently the CEO of a £multi-billion food company, Bidcorp UK, Author of Ignite Your Business and joins us to share his secrets and hacks of how leaders of underperforming businesses can engage their teams and explodeContinue reading “Ignite Your Leadership with Andrew Selley”