Visual Metaphors at Work with Dr Kerstin Potter

Dr Kerstin Potter is an Executive Coach with over 30 years in international business the private and public sector, She is the Founder and CEO Visual Metaphors at Work What the difference between metaphors and visual metaphors? The unconscious thoughts and neuroscience triggered by visual metaphors, How visual metaphors express themselves in situations they findContinue reading “Visual Metaphors at Work with Dr Kerstin Potter”

Show 100 with Steve Rush – The Leadership Hacker

Steve Rush, The Leadership Hacker interviews the top 5 guests by download during the shows 100 mega episodes. Listen in to this special show with special guests, Dr Oleg Konovalov, Michelle Boxx – The Blonde Fixer, David Marquet, Andrea Sampson and Andrew Bryant. Leadership Hacker Apple Podcast Leadership Hacker Google Follow us on Twitter StartContinue reading “Show 100 with Steve Rush – The Leadership Hacker”

Scaling Leadership with Jeff Chastain

Jeff Chastain is a business transformation coach, he’s the founder and CEO of Admentus Inc and the podcast host of Building to Scale. In this show you can learn about: The differences between leadership in a Start-up vs. a growth-oriented business Leading with a visionary mindset, how is that different from the well versed Growth vs. FixedContinue reading “Scaling Leadership with Jeff Chastain”

The Conflict Paradox with Dr Jerry Fu

Joining me on today’s show is Dr. Jerry Fu. Jerry is the founder and owner of Adapting Leaders. Specializing in helping Asian American professionals who want to get better at their leadership. Specifically, with helping them with conflict resolution, Jerry, welcome to The Leadership Hacker Podcast. Dr. Jerry Fu: Hi Steve. Thanks for having me. SteveContinue reading “The Conflict Paradox with Dr Jerry Fu”

Be a J.E.D.I Leader, Not a Boss with Omar L Harris

Welcome to our first show of 2022. I’m delighted to kick start this year off with Omar Harris. Omar is a former Executive Leader of GSK and Allergan with more than 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He’s the founder managing partner of Intent Consulting and author of The Servant Leaders Manifesto and BeContinue reading “Be a J.E.D.I Leader, Not a Boss with Omar L Harris”

The Top Trending Shows of 2021

Our Top 4 Shows of 2021. We have had the best year ever! Listeners have flocked to the show with Listen Notes ranking us in the top 1% of all podcasts (not just leadership) on every platform. I bow! It’s of course attributed the the amazing c-suite executives, CEO’s and Leaders who have shared theirContinue reading “The Top Trending Shows of 2021”

Sustainable Leadership with Eddy Badrina

Eddy Badrina is the CEO of Eden Green Technology,  he was previously the President and founder of BuzzShift. Eddy shares some amazing entrepreneurial insights and leadership hacks including: How to adapt in a changing world, during and post pandemic? What does sustainability means for leaders How he keeps innovating in a world that’s already innovatingContinue reading “Sustainable Leadership with Eddy Badrina”

Catapult with Punit Dhillon

Punit Dhillon is the chairman and CEO of Sky Bioscience. He’s an entrepreneur, keen athlete, an author of the book, Catapult: How to Think Like a Corporate Athlete to Strengthen Your Resilience. Learn about how Punit’s athletic approach to live has helped catapult his business including: Growing up as an athlete he noticed the parallelsContinue reading “Catapult with Punit Dhillon”

Be You First with Dr Benjamin Ritter

Dr. Benjamin Ritter is a globally renowned leadership and career coach. He’s a speaker, podcast host, author and founder of Live for Yourself [LFY] Consulting. In this great show find out about: Ben’s eureka moment that sent him on a path from Healthcare into research and to follow his life’s passion. Why leaders struggle withContinue reading “Be You First with Dr Benjamin Ritter”

We’re all in! with Major General Robert Mixon

Major General Robert Mixon retired from the army after over three decades of extraordinary leadership success. He’s the founder of Level Five Associates, the co-author of Cows in The Living Room and author of the Amazon bestseller, “We’re All In”. So many hacks in this show it’s hard to highlight them, here’s a few: TheContinue reading “We’re all in! with Major General Robert Mixon”